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radio_button_uncheckedCorporate Current Deposit

The corporate current deposit account allows corporate customers to make payment by check and deposit and withdraw cash at any time for normal corporate purposes. The services are available in KHR, USD and RMB.

radio_button_uncheckedCorporate Fixed Deposit

Corporate customer deposits temporarily cash into the bank with the deposit term agreed between the corporate customer and the bank. Upon maturity, the bank will pay an interest based on the interest rate agreed on the deposit day. The customer may enjoy higher interest income.

radio_button_uncheckedCorporate Short-term Loan

Corporate short-term loan allows you to withdraw money within the amount limit approved by Panda Bank (once a year). This loan is mainly used to supplement cash flow or working fund. You shall file a written application to the bank at least one day in advance before withdrawal.

radio_button_uncheckedCorporate Medium and Long-Term Loan

The corporate medium and long-term loan refers to the loan issued by Panda Bank to meet your needs for medium and long-term property investment activities, such as fixed assets investment activities (such as infrastructure construction, technological renovation, development and production of new products) and real estate development enterprises. Interest calculation and principal repayment of the loan are generally based on the cash flow of the borrower and can be calculated monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. The maximum term of the loan is five years.

radio_button_uncheckedBank Card Acquiring Services

The bank card acquiring services refer to the local and foreign currency fund settlement services provided to merchants by the contracting institution or bank, including network acquiring and pos acquiring.

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