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Corporate Debit Card

(I) Product Definition

The corporate debit card is issued to corporate customers as the medium for customers to conduct fund transfer and withdrawal under USD 5000 (including USD 5000) with the password.

(II) A debit card corresponds to a corporate current account.

(III) Principles of Debit Card Service

1. Risk Control Principle.

(1) Customers need to access payment services with the debit card and password.

(2) Debit card transactions shall be managed in accordance with payment limit.

2. Principle of customer autonomy We provide customers with debit card related services based on the principle of voluntariness, autonomy and compensation.

3. Cost-effectiveness principle. The charging management of debit card services shall be strengthened to ensure that the service charges can cover the corresponding costs.

4. Principle of parallel media. The debit card shall enjoy the same functionalities as other current payment and settlement instruments, i.e., the customer can choose settlement instruments such as debit card or other bills to handle business as normal.

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