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Corporate Fixed Deposit

Product Name

Corporate fixed deposit

Product Description

Corporate customer deposits temporarily cash into the bank with the deposit term agreed between the corporate customer and the bank. Upon maturity, the bank will pay an interest based on the interest rate agreed on the deposit day. The customer may enjoy higher interest income.


1. Higher interest rate;

2. Available in KHR, RMB and USD;

3. Multiple terms;

4. No account management fee (the bank is entitled to adjustments without prior notification);

Eligible Customers

1. Private business owners

2. Partnership enterprises

3. Limited companies

4. Non-Profit organizations

Supporting Documents

1. Company registration and business license;

2. Tax registration certificate or other equivalent tax registration;

3. The verified articles of association and official seal of the company;

4. IDs or passports of all authorized persons, directors, shareholders and partners;

5. Descriptions on the resolution of the board of directors;

6. Power of Attorney.

Charging Standards

All charges shall be specified in the contract.



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