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Personal Business Loan

Product Overview

Our personal business loan supports your business capital turnover to resolve capital shortage and helps create wealth. We provide preferential interest rate and loans in two currencies: Riel and USD. The loan limit is up to 50% of the collateral value, with the maximum term at 1 year. The loan amount may be up to USD 100,000.


1. Help customers raise fund to quickly resolve the problem of capital shortage;

2. Preferential interest rate and charges;

3. Efficient and convenient operation.

Eligible Customer

Individuals and private business owners

Application Conditions

1. Aged above 20  and below 65 ;

2. Have a full capacity for civil conduct;

3. Have an account with Panda Commercial Bank PLC that is active in the past three months;

4. Proof of income to indicate the years of employment and current annual gross income;

5. Other collaterals such as land and real estate registered in the name of the borrower;

6. The applicant must have no debts and be not included in the blacklist issued by the


7. Household register, identification document, property right certificate or other valid


Charging Standards

All charges shall be specified in the contract.

Supporting Documents

1. Copies of valid personal identification documents (ID card, passport);

2. Other documents required by Panda Commercial Bank PLC.


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